Miracle Butter That Cures All Skin Problems

You must have heard about medicines, home remedies that help in curing the skin problems, today we will tell you about another cure that helps in resolving any skin problems. This cure is easy and a must require ingredient for it to work is belief.

The cure is the butter/ ghrit/makhan as you can call, which is a prasad that you get from the Brajeshwari Dham Temple/ Kangra Mata Mandir. Situated in  Nagarkot, Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. This prasad is one of its kind which is not eaten but applied. You can apply it on any part of your body except your feet.

A little history on this cure

Legend says, that after defeating the demon Mahishasura in the battle, the Goddess sustained many injuries, to heal herself she applied butter(ghrit or makhan) on her wounds here in Nagarkot.

This butter was applied continuously for 7 days and the woulds were healed.

How this butter is prepared

Now you may think that it is simple butter, must be placed closed to the Goddess’s Pindi, for 7 days. Now you will be surprised to know that it is not placed but applied all over the Goddess’s Pindi.

To prepare this butter the temple pujaris/monks take 3 Quintal of pure desi ghee. This desi ghee is then purified by mantras and washed with cold water for 101 times. This process helps to convert the ghee to butter. This butter is the applied all over goddess’s Pindi and then decorated with all the holy ingredients like- cloves, cardamon, dry fruits, flowers and so on. Then the prayers are offered continuously for the next 7 days to Goddess’s this new form.

Brajeshwari mata

Brajeshwari mata [image source- amarujala.com]

When the prasad or this miracle butter is distributed

To celebrate the day when goddess arrived in Nagarkot and applied butter on her injuries every year on Makar Sankranti, the Pindi of goddess is covered with butter.

After 7 days of worshiping, the butter is then removed from the Goddess’s Pindi and distributed to the devotees.

The key thing to note here is that thus butter is distributed just once per year.


Its is believed that this miracle butter when used by the people who have any skin problems gets 100% results. All the known skin problems disappear on using this butter regularly. However the most important thing here is to believe that this cure will work.

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